The Super B Customizable Work Platform

AllStands Super “B” - Aviation and General Maintenance Stand

Model # : AS-SB-801-11

Customizable Work Platform
Super BSuper B Side 

►The streamlined ‘X’- design allows the unit to fit into many tight, hard to reach work areas

►Multiple working heights enables technicians to reach all difficult work areas safely

►Hydraulic pump mounted beneath deck to avoid trip hazards

►Hydraulic pump equipped with safety valves to avoid rapid loss of fluid

►Quick and easy -- one person set up!

►Easy, portable, and maneuverable on flat surfaces

►The ‘Super B’ is scalable – larger and smaller sizes available

Super B People on TopSuper B Handrails 

This stand is scalable and can be made for different height requirements

Standard stand Specifications:

1. Height adjustable: 4' 6” to 9' 6”

2. Deck size – work area: 30” width by 11' length

3. Base size 4' 3” by 11'

4. Removable and height adjustable handrails

5. Safe Working 1,000 lbs. (4 person stand)

6. 8” Locking premium military standard casters – locking and breaking

7. 3 stable landing jacks

8. Self-leveling stairs

9. Weight: 1,100 lbs

10. Safe Working load 500 lbs. (2 person stand)

11. Removable handrails store on base

12. 6” Locking premium casters – locking and breaking


Extension decks (8” of additional height and 30” in reach)

– Attaches to floor of Super “B”

– Removable handrails

– 30” length by 18” width

– Can be installed from 8 locations off the deck 

Tow bars (re-enforced design)

Note: This stand is scalable and can be made in smaller or larger sizes

Extension Planks, Straight or Curved Ladders, Work trays, Stabilizing Jacks.
(The ‘Super B’ Meets Military Standards for design and safety)

Customizable Working heights range of 4-15 ft

Removable, adjustable hand rails

750 lb. SWL (OSHA - 3 person stand)

Steel Base

Aluminum Stairs and Top

Hydraulic lift (manual or electric)

Perfect For

Aircraft – Military – Helicopters – Any Type Vehicles – Military Vehicles – All Equipment Maintenance – Industrial Applications

Eliminate – Ladders, Scaffolding, Inefficient / Out-Dated Work Stands

Also reduces: Injuries, Workers Comp Claims, Safety Violations!

Improve – Productivity, Employee Satisfaction, Efficiency & Quality of Work!

Streamline design The ‘Super B’ is only 5 feet wide!!

Safety Features:

High grade locking casters with brakes

Self leveling stairs

Hydraulic system (Manual or electric) equipped with safety valve

Hydraulic pump controls accessible from deck

Removable and adjustable hand rails

Safety gate

Engineered to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance!

Super B Work Stand

Authorized Factory Distributor of the X-Decks by SafeTec