AllStands, Inc. Certified Design

AllStands, Inc. C-5M stands design have passed the manufacturing and engineering validation and verification process of Lockheed Martin and U.S. Air Force (USAF).

Design Review conducted by Lockheed Martin and the USAF verified:

  • Structural integrity, strength and durability
  • Engineer drawings and design integrity
  • Fit for purpose and functionality
  • Ladders, stairs and X-Deck met all Safety requirements
  • Materials, welds, design, paint and manufacturing procedures
  • Production Quality Management System
  • USAF standards for shipping – land and air
  • All welds are inspected (weld call outs on all production drawings)
  • Load requirements
  • Safety and OSHA standards
  • Expected longevity of the Stands (20 Years)
  • Air Transportation standards
  • Towing and tie down standards
Authorized Factory Distributor of the X-Decks by SafeTec