C5M Engine Work Stand

We at AllStands, Inc. were requested by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company to produce the work stands for the C5M aircraft for their own use and the use of the United States Air Force. Our stands are scalable and can be made in larger or smaller sizes so it can work on all aircraft engines. It also has many options to accommodate more technical or service operations. The stands for the C5M are a multi-functional stand that adjusts to numerous height requirements without any power source (no batteries, motors, or hydraulics).


Features of the C5M Stand:

AllStands, Inc. hand rails can be adjusted to half height.
Variable height X-Deck® fits between the platform and engine cowling (so basically the C5M stand has an X-Deck built into the floor of the stand. It looks like part of the floor, but can be popped open to any height desired.)

AllStands, Inc. C-5M Work Stands


These stands are scalable to make them larger or smaller while still meeting all design standards

Small to large deck space, for one or several persons.

Multiple work decks or ladders on a single stand.

Main deck lowest setting can be as low as 4’ 6” (highest setting depends on the unit size).

Main deck is height adjustable – up to a 34” range by a manual or electric lift.

This one person lifting mechanism can be manual and contains no hydraulics.

The patented X-Deck® folds flat into the floor in seconds. It is height adjustable up to 5’ 10”. The X-Deck® is strong and large enough for two persons. The X-Deck® has a SWL of 750 lbs which allows 2 workers to get inside the engine cowling while other technicians or supervisors can assist from the main deck. Main deck SWL is 2,000 lbs.

The 3 or 2 piece work ladder arches over the top of the engine to reach and service the top of the engines. The ladder has a SWL of 250 lbs and locks into the floor at any location. This enables the technician to move the ladder without having to move the stand. The ladder floor locking mechanism has been approved by the USAF and Lockheed Martin safety personnel.

The handrails are removable with storage areas below the main deck.

These handrails can be full height or you may order our handrails that can adjust to mid-height to allow the stand to move up close to the aircraft.

The entrance stairs are self leveling as the upper deck moves up and down. The handrails do not have to be removed during operation.

The wheels lock and the stabilizers add additional support.

Handles on the corners of the frame assist the technicians in the

movement and placement of the platform.

Tie downs for the stand for shipping or stability in severe weather.

Floor “D” rings for technicians tie downs

All aluminum upper structure

Detailed manuals on Use and Operations, parts and service are standard.

Comes with a 10 year limited warranty covering all the main structures

(base, upper deck, handles, tie-downs, ladder, X-Deck®, stairs, handrails and lifting mechanism).
Full picture of stand

C5M Inspection
Authorized Factory Distributor of the X-Decks by SafeTec