All Purpose Height Adjustable Work Platform

General Purpose Stand

AllStands General Indoor Maintenance Stand With X-Deck

Model # : AS-GIMS-701-12

This stand is scalable and can be made for different height requirements

Standard stand Specifications:

1. Stand Base -Work Deck - Height 40” length 10' 4” width 47” (Storage size)

2. Height adjustable X-Deck 5' 4” (deck size: 18” by 5' 4”)

3. Total Maximum height 8' 6”

4. Safe Working load 500 lbs. (2 person stand)

5. Removable handrails store on base

6. 6” Locking premium casters – locking and breaking

7. Weight: 130 lbs

Note: This stand is scalable and can be made in smaller or larger sizes

General Purpose Stand 1

Modular Design-Height

Adjustable Mobile

•Assembles in minutes

•Used on radar towers (FAA)

•Call for your custom need

Perfect for your factory!

Authorized Factory Distributor of the X-Decks by SafeTec